Two of the largest hurdles in emerging as a successful portfolio manager are developing a rigorous track record and navigating the complex compliance landscape. The Invest In Vol Emerging Manager Program allows aspiring portfolio managers to focus on trading their strategy while simultaneously building an auditable track record under an SEC Registered Investment Adviser.


Upon successful completion of the Emerging Manager Program, qualifying managers have the opportunity to attract assets by leveraging the Invest In Vol volatility platform or port their track record elsewhere.

If you have interest in joining the Emerging Manager Program please complete our online application or contact us to learn more and discuss your suitability. Due to our strict due diligence standards, only a limited number of Emerging Managers will be accepted into the Program.


Trading Guidance

Compliance Oversight

Track Record Development


Back Office Turnkey

Distribution Coaching


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Ed Horne
Emerging Manager Program

Invest In Vol uses quantitative metrics including absolute and risk-adjusted performance, together with qualitative metrics such as uniqueness of approach to determine its Featured Strategist from the Emerging Manager Program.


Emerging Managers are independent of Invest In Vol.